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 Jamie Boyle Owner/Manager at Country Koi Fish Farm - Water Plants For PondsCountry Koi Fish Farm began its operations in 2002 supplying goldfish, koi, butterfly koi, sarassa comets and shubunkins to local pet stores, contractors and nurseries in our local area. It’s a family owned business owned and operated by myself Jamie Boyle and my father Danny.

Since we began in 2002 we have introduced aquatic plants and water lilies to our product inventory and then created WaterPlantsForPonds.com back in 2007 so we may supply water plants throughout Canada and the United States. We sell our pond fish and pond plants at both wholesale and retail and we thrive to give you nothing but the best quality water lilies and plants for your pond.

Attraction Red Hardy Water Lilies at Country Koi Fish Farm

People often wonder how we started doing this business and that’s easy! We love ponds and fish! It first started off as a hobby that my father and I both enjoy doing. We started with a few aquariums, added some goldfish and koi and we’ve never looked back.

Since then we’ve built many ponds and many greenhouses so that we can continue to grow pond fish, water lilies and water plants for our customers. Water gardening is something we enjoy and we will continue to thrive in giving you nothing but the best pond plants for your water gardens.



Country Koi Fish Farm - Water Plants For Ponds

Our current inventory consist of hardy water lilies, tropical water lilies, marginals and other aquatic plants. Be sure to read out water garden articles that we will have here as well for you to read. Everything you need to know about your water plants, when to fertilize them and how to care for your pond.

Hope you enjoy your garden pond and the peace and tranquility that water gardens bring.

Thanks from all of us at Water Plants For Ponds!
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