Yellow Flag Water Iris Pond Plants


Yellow Flag Water Iris pond plants also known as iris pseudacorous is a very popular hardy marginal pond plant. These yellow iris have beautiful attractive yellow flowers from late May to July. Iris pond plants have sword shaped green foliage and can grow 3-5′ tall. Excellent hardy pond plant! Buy some yellow iris flowers for sale today!



Yellow Flag Water Iris pond plants is one of the most common hardy marginals and pond plants for water gardens. Yellow Flag Water Iris also known as iris pseudacorus blooms from late May to late July and has attractive bright yellow flowers.  These yellow iris have green foliage which is sword shaped and goes great in the background of a garden pond to add some height and colour. Since water iris grows from 3-5′ tall it goes great around the pond. Yellow Flag iris pond plants is a marginal aquatic perennial therefore it will come up year after year. We have water iris for sale now! Hardy zone 3


Yellow Flag Water Iris For Sale – Iris Pond Plants

Yellow Flag Water Iris Pond Plants For Sale - Yellow Iris Pond Plants at Water Plants For Ponds


Water iris grows best in full sun and should be placed in your pond in water up to 4″ deep. Yellow flag water iris is very easy to grow and little care is needed for these water plants. While iris pond plants grow very well from the nutrients found in your pond water you can also fertilize water iris if you choose to.



Yellow Flag Water Iris Plants For Sale - Hardy Marginal Pond Plants at Water Plants For Ponds

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