Hermine White Hardy Water Lily


Nymphaea Hermine white hardy water lilies are smaller flowering aquatic plants that produce small star shaped white flowers. These water lily plants flowers grow to about 4-6″ in diameter and also has beautiful green lily pads growing to around 5-6″ in diameter. Smaller variety water lily plant that is perfect for small to medium size ponds and grows best in full sun.


Nymphaea Hermine White Hardy Water Lilies

Hermine White Hardy Water Lilies, Aquatic Flowering Plants


Nymphaea Hermine White Hardy Water Lilies, White Water Lily Flower Plants For Sale at Water Plants For Ponds | Country Koi Fish FarmCommon Name: Hermine Hardy Water Lily
Family Name: Nymphaeaceae
Scientific Name: Nymphaea Hermine
Plant Type: Water Lily, Aquatic Plant, Pond Plant, Water Plant
Flower Colour: white flower blooms
Flower Characteristic: small pure white star shaped white flower blooms with long narrow white petals, white lily flower 4-6″
Foliage: green lily pads 5-6″ in diameter
Spread: 2-3 feet
Hardy Zones: 4-11
Planting Depth: 12-24″ over the crown of the water lily
Sunlight Requirement: 6-8 hours of sun
Fertilize: Every 2 weeks for maximum blooms all summer long too


Nymphaea Hermine White Hardy Water Lilies For Sale


Nymphaea Hermine white hardy water lilies are a smaller flowering aquatic plant that produce small star shaped pure white flowers. This is a smaller variety water lily that is perfect for small to medium size ponds. This water lily plants flowers grow to about 4-6″ in diameter and also has beautiful green lily pads growing to around 5-6″ in diameter. These water lily plants grow best in full sun.


Please check out the different varieties and colours of hardy water lilies we have on sale too. We have hardy water lilies ranging from red, pink, yellow, white and peach. While your here please take a look at some other pond plants online that we have on sale as well. We have many hardy marginal pond plants that are also perfect for water gardens. Pond plants are a great form of natural filtration for ponds too.


Water Gardening Advice & Tips

All water gardens should have about 70% of their pond full of water plants such as hardy water lilies, hardy marginal pond plants and floating aquatic plants like water hyacinths, water lettuce and parrot feather. Water plants help towards natural pond filtration,  helps keep the water cooler which helps towards reducing algae growth and also offers protection for pond fish for a place to hide from pond predators. Most importantly pond plants and water lilies adds beauty to your pond!

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